2011 Conference

2011 conference details

On February 26 and 27th, 2011, hundreds of critical thinkers, from inventors to philanthropists, will come together for a second time to share ideas and engage each other in dialogue about ideas and their place in the world.

IdeaWave is a forum where critical thinkers are able to mix and mingle in a highly engaged environment.

Each day starts at 9am (registration at 8:30am on the 26th!) and consists of a series of 25 talks, each 10 minutes in length. Talks are designed to be a snapshot of the idea and to open the door for discussion about the talk. There is no limit on subject matter and topics will range from business ideas to cultural ideas to lifestyle ideas.

The conference will be held at the Comfort Hotel & Conference Centre in Victoria, BC. Mention IdeaWave when you’re reserving your room for a 10% discount. Parking is included for all attendees.

The following list of talks for the 2011 conference is updated as we accept talks, so check back regularly.

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We’re adding at least one speaker per week, so check back often!

Building resilient networks, online and off, in the 21st century : Janis La Couvée
[HD] A Critical Re-tooling of Current Police Deployment : Michael Russell
Everyone can write a love poem in 3 minutes : Dvora Levin
Regulating Embedded Journalism : David Bratzer
[HD] Power Wranglers: From desktop to datacenter : Josh Ryder
[HD] Everything in Moderation: Are we entering a new Temperance Era? : Janice Mansfield
[HD] Transitioning to a Steady State Economy as a solution to the climate change : Jane Sterk
The art and impact of story catching : Christopher Bowers
What would you like to make? : Derek Jacoby
Reinventing governance by reinventing how we collaborate : Jean-Daniel Cusin
[HD] Modernizing the BC liquor system to benefit all : Rod Phillips
One hundred for haiti : Greg Bennick
Privacy and educational technology: risks and benefits : Tori (Victoria) Klassen
Mobilizing the crowd – options for business – non-profits and governments : Paul Dombowsky
Sustainable funding small scale wind farm : Geoff de Ruiter
Poetry, Programming Languages, and Open Source : Jennifer Murdoch
[HD] The Digital Revolution: Lessons from the Homeless : Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy
[HD] Security should be for everyone : Jeff Williams
[HD] Stuff you can only do thanks to Twitter : Paul Holmes
[HD] Art and economics of energy : Donna Morton
[HD] Born to be worthless: The high value of low self esteem : Kevin Solomons
Creating a social media manifesto to empower and engage our youth : Beth Campbell Duke
[HD] MERCURY – Listening to whales and connecting students : Steven Ness
The Victoria open wifi project : Liam McLachlan
[HD] Israeli-Palestinian peace – Any new ideas? : Lisa Tansey
[HD] You’re a mentally ill superhero (and so am I) : Tim Lowan
The Power of Paper : Mike Vardy
Frugal systems energy streams for a low carbon world : Brian White
Solar powered school lighting and computer system : Ian Soutar
[HD] Radical self interest : Adam Kreek
Autism and social media : Iris Gray
[HD] ‘Our Daily Bread’ What went wrong, and how we can reclaim the staff of life : Martin Barnett
[HD] Life on Titan : Craig Carmichael
[HD] The future is breaking all the rules : Rose Jang
Is disease mongering the greatest threat to public health? : Alan Cassels
Victoria Restorative Justice Society/LifeRing Canada Secular Recovery : Gillian Lindquist & Michael Walsh
[HD] Healthy High schools! : Tamiya Leung
What to do When “Everything’s Been Done Before” : Samantha deVries-hofman
Something for everyone and everyone for something… The Wayward School : Stefan Morales
[HD] Rabbit project: Kimuka primary school : Kelsey Lynne O’Gorman
[HD] A central hub for the environmental movement in Victoria : Lliam Hildebrand
The Way of Improvisation (7 steps to improv) : Dave Morris
[HD] A new practical political paradigm : Ken Wiebe
Collaborative adaptive management is four learning loops : Scott Akenhead
[HD] Humanity’s suicide intervention : Robert Charles Radford
Where you come from doesn’t determine where you’ll go : Briana Vojnovich
Government – Empowerment over punishment : Matteus Clement
Writing your life: Why stories matter : Yasuko Thanh
Bike Project: Making Bicycles Work in an Urban Setting : Paula Johanson
Free energy : Geoffrey Perkins
Making friends with risk: A rewarding life-long mind set : Julia Doran

We are adding a few backup speakers, in the case of no-shows, or if there is extra time at the end of each day:

The story you were never told : Jaryd Zinkewich
Carbonless fuel – Turning energy, air and water into fuel : Michael Maloney