A central hub for the environmental movement in Victoria

The Integreen Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to create a central hub for the environmental movement in Victoria, BC. There are two main focuses of this organization at the moment, one being a website and the other an innovative concert series that is designed to engage people in environmental activism.

The purpose of Integreen is to create a space where citizens can become more active in bringing positive change to their community. Integreen brings together all facets of activism through networking, collaborative action, job and volunteer matching.

UPDATE: Integreen has beenĀ re-brandedĀ as Social Coast.

Lliam Hildebrand came to the environmental movement through working in the steel industry. While working on a wind farm project, he was inspired to rent “An Inconvenient Truth”. After watching this movie by Al Gore he was immediatley motivated to find out how he could help in the collaborative effort to stop global warming. However, when researching how to get involved, he found the movement in Victoria was very dispersed and hard to tap into. It was even harder to find a perfect match between himself and an organization that could use his particular skills for a sustainability initiative. This circumstance is what motivated the creation of Integreen, so that people of all skill sets and backgrounds can find their place in the movement and start making a positive difference in the world.

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