Art and Economics of Energy : Donna Morton

Energy today is often dirty, war-causing, climate changing and dominated by multinationals.

Imagine a world where energy connected us to the most ancient teachings across cultures.

Imagine communities owning their own power, creating good green lasting jobs and an economic platform that can sustain.

Imagine energy tied to culture, touched by artists, energy that heals the earth, heals communities and inspires the spirit is possible.

Learn about people that are reinventing the world and the future through energy art and economics that heal.

Donna Morton is the CEO and co-founder of First Power and energy company that puts renewable energy and jobs into the hands of communities.

She is an Ashoka fellow for her work with the Centre for Integral Economics.

She has given keynotes and other talks around the world including Bioneers, World Permaculture Forum, BALLE.

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