Do note this schedule will change without notice. It will be changing until the day before the conference, and due to the nature of having 25 talks per day, is likely to change during the day. It is simply to be used as a guideline.

Feb 26th Description Feb 27th Description
08:10:00 Registrations 08:30:00 Late Registrations
09:00:00 Conference start – Introductions 09:00:00  


Conference start –

Stefan Morales – The Wayward School
David Bratzer – Regulating Embedded Journalism
Geoff de Ruiter – Sustainable Small Scale Wind Farming


Janis La Couv̩e РResilient Networks: on and offline
Paula Johanson – Bike Project
Michael Russell – Re-tooling Police Deployment

09:40:00 break
10:10:00 break 09:55:00  

Janice Mansfield – Everything in Moderation: Are We Entering a New Temperance Era?
Matteus Clement – Government: Empowerment Over Punishment
Jane Sterk – Transition: Steady State Economy to Solve Climate Change


Tamiya Leung – Healthy High Schools
Rod Phillips – Modernizing BC Liquor
Geoffrey Perkins – Free Energy

10:35:00 break
11:05:00 break 10:50:00  

Greg Bennick – One Hundred For Haiti
Tori (Victoria) Klassen – Privacy and Educational Technology: Risks & Benefits
Paul Dombowsky – Mobilizing the Crowd: Options for Business – non-profits and governments
Craig Carmichael – Life of Titan

10:50:00 Dvora Levin – Everyone Can Write a 3 Minute Love Poem
Josh Ryder – Power Wranglers: Desktop to Data-Centre
Lorraine Murphy – Digital Revolution: Lessons from the Homeless
11:30:00 break
11:20:00 break 11:45:00  

Jeff Williams – Security Should be for Everyone
Paul Holmes – Stuff You Can Only Do Because of Twitter
Donna Morton – Art & Economics of Energy


Beth Campbell Duke – Social Media Manifesto for Youth
Steven Ness – MERCURY – Whales and Students
Liam McLachlan – Victoria Open Wi-Fi Project

12:25:00 lunch
12:20:00 lunch 13:25:00  

Lisa Tansey – Israeli-Palestinian Peace – Any New Ideas?
Briana Vojnovich – Where You Come From Doesn’t Determine Where You’ll Go
Mike Vardy – The Power of Paper



Yasuko Thanh – Why Stories Matter
Samantha deVries-hofman – What to do “When Everything’s Been Done”
Julia Doran – Making Friends with Risk
Adam Kreek – Radical Self-Interest

14:05:00 break
14:00:00 break 14:20:00  

Jean-Daniel Cusin – Reinventing Governance by Re-inventing How We Collaborate
Kelsey Lynne O’Gorman – Rabbit Project: Kimuka Primary School
Iris Gray – Autism & Social Media


Kevin Solomons – High Value of Low Self-Esteem
Robert Charles Radford – Humanity’s Suicide Intervention
Dave Morris – 7 Steps to Improvisation

15:00:00 break
14:55:00 break 15:30:00  


Alan Cassels – Disease Mongering: Greatest Threat to Public Health?

Gillian Lindquist & Michael Walsh – Victoria Restorative Justice Society/LifeRing Canada Secular Recovery
Scott Akenhead – Collaborative Adaptive Management is Four Learning Loops


Lliam Hildebrand – Hub for Environmental Movement in Victoria
Rose Jang – The Future is Breaking All the Rules
Derek Jacoby – What Would You Like to Make?

16:10:00 break
15:50:00 break 16:25:00  

Martin Barnett – ‘Our Daily Bread’: What Went Wrong, How To Reclaim the Stuff of Life
Brian White – Energy Streams for a Low-Carbon World
Ian Soutar – Solar-Powered School Lighting & Computer Systems


Christopher Bowers – Art & Impact of Story Catching
Ken Wiebe – New Practical Political Paradigm
Tim Lowan – You’re a Mentally Ill Superhero (and so am I)

17:05:00 Wrap up
16:35:00 Day 1 ends

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