Solar powered school lighting and computer system

We have developed and tested a school power system meant for developing countries. A working model was built in a house in Esquimalt and has been tested for about one year.

Using solar panels for power, nickel iron batteries for storage and leading edge DC LED lights the system has an expected lifespan of about 30 years without battery replacement.

The concept is to buld an Edison style power system that is low voltage DC throughout. Since it is all low voltage it is impossible for anyone to be electrocuted while working on the system and doing maintenance. Going totally DC gives maximum efficiency for such a system and Nickel Iron batteries do not expose developing countries to the pollution that lead acid batteries would cause. It is both environmentally friendly and safer than anything currently available.

The hardware design will be open source and available to the UN or other groups offinger aid to developing countries.

Ian Soutar will be presenting. Ian has worked at the NRC in Ottawa in the early 1980s. In 1986 he formed Microsec R&D Inc. to develop electronic products. After many years of contracting Microsec is changing the focus to include renewable energy systems.

Ian has patents on a number of devices ranging from medical and industrial tools, games, agricultural tools and communication systems. He specializes also in radio communication.

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