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2012 conference details

On February 25 and 26th, 2012, hundreds of critical thinkers, from inventors to philanthropists, will come together in Victoria, British Columbia for the third time to share their thoughts and engage each other in dialogue about ideas and their place in the world.

IdeaWave is a forum where critical thinkers are able to mix and mingle in a highly engaging environment.

Each day of the conference starts at 9am (registration starts at 8:30am on the 25th!) and consists of a series of  ten minutes talks with frequent discussion breaks. Talks are designed to be a snapshot of the speaker’s idea and to open the door for discussion about the talk. There is no limit on subject matter and topics will range from business to cultural to lifestyle ideas. It will once again be hosted at the Ambrosia catering and event centre!

We will be posting talks to this page as they’re accepted, so check back regularly. Submit your idea!

Tickets are sold on a tier based system, the earlier you purchase your ticket for the week-end, the lower the price, so don’t delay. Register now!

Thanks to your venue sponsors!

Ambrosia Catering and Event Centre  Temple Events and Catering

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Here is a list of the confirmed speakers so far:

Low level external nuclear radiation can improve health : Ian Soutar
Hacking biology : Derek Jacoby
The promise of utility grade computing: Gregg Ferrie
If fences make good neighbours, gates create great communities: Nikki Tate-Stratton
Turquoise battery project – creating superior, economical batteries: Craig Carmichael
Moto Logistics: A new approach to development in Haiti: Greg Bennick
Marine plants as food: Nancy Laird
My language and culture are terminal – will the plug be pulled? : Bernard von Schulmann
How to be an AND-man! : Dave Morris
Writing a poem in 3 minutes or less : Dvora Levin
How borrowing can change everything : Reed Botwright
Feminism, race, social media as a social movement : Janni Aragon
30 Days of Fernet Branca: An experiment in healthy drinking : Janice Mansfield
Talking Tech, strictly PR : Ryan Levis
Diamagnetics, an almost unknown force that may be the keys to a new type of deep space drive : Jim Harrington
“Growing Young Farmers”TM; an innovative answer to Food INsecurity! : Dave Friend
Mindfulness 2.0 : Mike Vardy
Think like a designer : Natalia Delgado
Practical ideas to make your new or existing home more energy efficient : Hermann Thoene
Occupying Social Media : Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy
What else is possible? : Christine Yole
Mind Mapping – Phantom Limbs & the Left Handed Centipede : Mark McLaughlin
Student-Built Nano-Satellites : Nigel Syrotuck
Citizen Science: opportunities and hazards in a patented world : Brian White
Do you say yes to the demon? : Helen Cook
CSA: The acronym of our time : Rhona McAdam
Student Politics: An Illusion of Power : Sebastien Guillemot
Individualized Apps for Developmental Disabilities : Mitchell Temkin
Creating an economically viable exercise program for people with Parkinson’s Disease : Karla Gallagher
Taking Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping into the 21st century : Joshua Caldwell
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space : Justin Curran
Cities are People : Yuri Artibise
The Reality of Mental Time Travel : Anthony Hamilton
What I learned at Summify before Twitter swooped down and snatched-up my team : Robin Campbell
Language lost? Culture lost. : Rob Jirucha
Take me to your Makers! : Vanessa Pattison
The 3 Vs of differentiation: for community, business and life : Janis La Couvée

Submissions are closed, thanks to everyone who submitted!


Our friends at Harbour Air and Westcoast Air are offering a 20% discount to everyone flying in who is pre-registered with the conference. Please note that all rates are subject to HST, fuel surcharge and a carbon offset fee. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. In order to receive this special discounted rate, delegates must contact our Reservation Department directly by phone at 1.800.665.0212 or by e-mail at [email protected] and quote the promotional code HAID2012

Doors open at 638 Fisgard Ave at 8:30am both days (Feb 25 & 26th, 2012) for registration, the conference will start at 9:00am and run until 5:00pm with breaks throughout the day including lunch.

The initial schedule is posted below. Due note this schedule will change until late Friday night, as we’re still accepting speakers, so check back often:



Saturday 25th Sunday 26th

Morning Morning
Greg Bennick Karla Gallagher
Robin Campbell Nancy Laird
Craig Carmichael Nikki Tate-Stratton
Derek Jacoby Dave Morris
Dvora Levin Janni Aragon
Kevin Koch Reed Botwright
Brian White Hermann Thoene
Janice Mansfield Rhona McAdam
Helen Cook
Afternoon Afternoon
Bernard von Schulmann Ryan Levis
Lorraine Murphy Dave Friend
Natalia Delgado Mike Vardy
Mark McLaughlin Nigel Syrotuck
Rob Jirucha
Justin Curran Mitchell Temkin
Sebastien Guillemot Vanessa Pattison
Yuri Artibise Anthony Hamilton
Ian Soutar James Harrington

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