Congratulations, your talk has been accepted! Your talk will likely be posted on the website within 48 hours of reading this.

The logistics and tentative schedule are posted here a 4 days before the event:

As the conference has so many speakers until the day before the conference, the schedule changes regularly, so check back often to see the latest.

We ask that you don’t use powerpoint unless you absolutely have to — to demonstrate your idea. If you do need to use the projector, make sure your presentation comes in both proprietary as well as open source formats (Microsoft office and Open Office, for example).

You will be provided up to 10 minutes to pitch your idea, and depending on timing may be allocated  a small Q&A period afterwards as well.

All talks will be recorded, and may be used on the internet, radio or tv.

As we’re trying to remain cost effective, only one ticket is provided per accepted talk. Please invite your family and friends to attend, but they will have to buy a ticket unless they also submit a talk and have it accepted.

Most importantly, it’s all about the engagement and collaboration of critical thinkers in a social atmosphere. Have fun, I look forward to hearing your talk!

Kris Constable

Organizer – IdeaWave

About Us

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