“Growing Young Farmers”TM; an innovative answer to Food INsecurity!

On Vancouver Island;

* We have become dependent on imported food…

* we have only 72 hours of food supply – in our supermarkets and restaurants…

* 98% of us source our food in supermarkets and restauarants

* We need more people growing and producing health-friendly food IN a community FOR a community…

* there are approx’ 75,000 school-age students (500,000 in BC)who are able and capable of growing and producing food – on a substantial scale

* the “Growing Young Farmers” ‘School Program’ actually teaches – mainly in a hands-on manner – school-age students how to grow and produce health-friendly food…

* designated classes – EVERY WEEK – particpate in the Program…

* the Program becomes part and parcel of the students school week – every week…

* the Program is structured, supervised and mentored and, with the support of the respective teaching staff, is run by experienced ‘Grower-Educators’

* The ‘aim and objective’ of the Program is for it to become – in the not too distant future – part of the official school-based curriculum

Dave Friend lives on the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island

‘Born and bread’ in a small farming village in Yorkshire, England

Worked on organic farms in different parts of the world

Certified Organic grower on Vancouver Island

Organic Consultant – providing professional help, guidance and support to a wide range of people, organizations, businesses and companies, including; Thrifty Foods, The Land Conservancy, Small Potatoes Urban Delivery, people starting organic farms, people wishing to convert their medium to large gardens into organic food-growing areas

International Educator and Public Speaker on Food Security issues and topics

Creator and founding chair of Growing Young Farmers – a non-profit registered society; a structured, supervised and mentored ‘School Program’ that teaches school-age students – mainly in a hands-on manner – how to grow and produce health-friendly ‘organic’ food

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