Writing a poem in 3 minutes or less

This is a participatory workshop to demonstrate the power in writing a short poem
The workshop includes:
1.  Introduction with 2 short poems will be read as examples (2 minutes).
2.  Each participant will write a poem using this outline (3 minutes).
Ideas are like (choose a metaphor)
+ 3 descriptors about how ideas FEEL. (adjectives or phrases)
When they (something that happens)
The world (response/action)
+ Conclusion
3.  Two volunteers will be asked to read their poem and comment
4.  Conclusion including four ways to bring writing poetry into your life. (1 minute).

Bio: Dvora Levin is a published poet with 2 books of her own poetry To Bite the Blue Apple and Sharav, and poems in a number of chapbooks and poetry journals.  Recently she edited Voices From  The Edge, a collection of poems written by the homeless, addicted and sex workers at her weekly sessions at Rock Bay Shelter and PEERS Victoria Resource Society.   She is a regular reader at Planet Earth Poetry.

Dvora has led such poetry writing sessions different topics at the two previous IdeaWave Conferences.

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