2013 Private Survey

If you received a solicitation, you’re already a proven supporter of IdeaWave, so I’d like to start by saying thanks!

With startups there’s a term called pivot, where you tilt your business in a different direction than it was originally headed. Any organization that wants to succeed long-term has to be constantly prepared to pivot. IdeaWave has been a great success since its debut in 2010,  but it’s time for an exciting new direction. I’d like it to be able to scale globally, as well as be more earth conscious (by removing the travel requirements for hundreds of speakers and attendees.) I propose that in 2013 IdeaWave will not require in-person attendance but instead that it will be broadcast online for the first time.

Do-it-yourself hacks, ideas and inventions are just a few of the things you’ll see and hear during the event, intended to bring the public eye to the hackerspace/makerspace movement; which are community based tool co-ops where all are welcome to learn and share.

Part of the proceeds for this event will be provided to the Victoria Makerspace with the goal of moving it downtown.

Please take a few moments to share your initial thoughts on the pivot of IdeaWave in 2013!

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