One Day Website

To celebrate the opening of One Day Website, we’re offering our starter package at only $399+HST which also includes hosting for one year! This deal will only last for the rest of the 2011 summer

NOTE: Once you click below, where it says “Name on badge” on the form, please place the domain name you’d like for your website that you’ve verified at One Day Website is available.





New website package


Hourly labour


When you click Purchase, your connection will change to a secure SSL connection (https:// instead of http://) to our credit card processor. We accept the following payment methods:


Upon approval of your transaction, you should print off the acceptance form sent to your email address and bring it with you to the registration desk on the morning the conference opens with government issued photo identification. Nothing will be delivered to your residence. If you require the receipt sent to another email address, please contact us

You may contact us to cancel your tickets until 14 business days before the conference minus a 10% cancel fee.

Privacy Policy
We do not store any of the information regarding your credit card information, in fact you’re not on our website when you enter that information but We have partnered with PrivaSecTech to ensure your privacy and security is a priority. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any security or privacy concerns.

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