2010 Conference

IdeaWave is the first “ideas conference” to be held on Vancouver Island. On July 10 and 11, 2010 hundreds of critical thinkers, from inventors to philanthropists, will come together to share ideas and engage each other in dialogue about ideas and their place in the world.

IdeaWave is a forum where critical thinkers are able to mix and mingle in a highly engaged environment.

Each day consists of a series of 25 talks, each 10 minutes in length. Talks are designed to be a snapshot of the idea and to open the door for discussion about the talk. There is no limit on subject matter and topics will range from business ideas to cultural ideas to lifestyle ideas.

Mayor Dean Fortin will welcome delegates to the conference and give a few remarks on the importance of ideas.
Greetings from the mayor (pdf)

Our Master of Ceremonies for the weekend will be popular Atomic Vaudeville actor and scientist Morgan Cranny. Morgan has been performing with Impromaniacs since 2001 and is an experienced MC who will bring some humour to the weekend while keeping the talks on schedule.

It will be hosted at the Ambrosia Conference and Event Centre in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Vancouver island.


[HD] = You can view the HD Video of the talk

[HD] Going Green: The Birth of a New Civilization : Guy Dauncey
[HD] The Suck That Is Productivity : Mike Vardy
Changing the World One Tool at a Time: Intrinsic Worth vs. Extrinsic Value : Frank Heidt
[HD] The Cost of Convenience : Janice Mansfield
Understanding the Problem : Dorian Taylor
[HD] Nowhere2Nowhere Monorail : Helen Cook
[HD] The Key to Criminal Justice Reform: Ending Drug Prohibition : David Bratzer
[HD] Climate Change and Peacebuilding : Saul Arbess, Ph.D.
[HD] Tracking solar accumulator, solar design t-square, clam shaped solar cookers : Brian White
[HD] The Gene Weaver : Clem Persaud, Ph.D.
[HD] Ideas are like Crushes : Sasan Aghdasi
[HD] Right Brain Solutions for New Work Challenges : Dr. William A. Gray
[HD] The future of the book : Corey Davis
[HD] Dynamic Balance and the Psychological Alpha Particle : Kurt Schmidt
[HD] It’s nursing for the future trans-humanists : Sarah Novotny
[HD] Poetry in Motion – The Transit Hero : Robyn Quinn, APR
[HD] Treatment for Lymphedema : Margaret Pulton
[HD] Taking Charge of Your Health: Maintaining Your Personal Health Record : Cheryl Upright
[HD] Not-fully-thought-out Ideas: The Problem and the Solution : Desmond Lindo
[HD] Set Theory and Human Relationships, the Importance of One : Janis La Couvée
[HD] Writing Poetry: A Way into your Secret Truth : Dvora Levin
[HD] What’s Gone Well Today: New tools for engagement : Christopher Bowers
[HD] How Electric Vehicles Will Save the World : Blaine Juchau
[HD] Keeping Big Business Accountable to the Public Through Smart Investing : Stephen Whipp
[HD] Live your Life in Full Expression : Christine Yole
[HD] Rethinking Conflict and The Call to Evolve : Rachelle Lamb
[HD] Respect : Dan Bonab
[HD] Screw BP! Make Your Own Fuel Instead : Kenji Fuse
[HD] What good’s an idea no one gets? & Beyond brainstorming : Marilynne Miles Gray
[HD] Open-source: What is it and where is it going? : Patrick Hayes
[HD] Fuzzy Logic for the Control of Advanced Mobility Support Devices : Robert Prinz
[HD] Fernwood Urban Village: Permaculture and Empowerment in an Aging Population : Kylie Sandham
Anaerobic Digestion – Beyond Composting : Eric Partridge
[HD] Human flocking behavior – Creating solutions without leaders : Galen Bullard
Taxing matters – Progress or Paralysis? : Les Atchison
[HD] The Madeinvic.ca 100 Cameras Project : Liam McLachlan
[HD] What is open data? : Herb Lainchbury
[HD] Combat Apathy with Appreciative Inquiry : Melissa Pelto, MA
[HD] Imagine we, Victoria, build a chain of renewable energy products for the energy market : Graeme Bethell
The Star Raft – Building Circles of Support, Connection and Commitment : David Wetherow
[HD] The last trip, preparing for your death : Sue Daniels-Ferrie
[HD] Community Forests in Zambia : Garry Brooks
[HD] Ideal Solar Storage Batteries invented in 1902 by Edison are Rediscovered : Ian Soutar
[HD] Economic Foundations and Environmental Progress : Matthew A. Barker
Importance of vision in creating ecologically sound and socially just communities : Karen Hurley, PhD
Process and Graphic Artistry for Social Transformation : David and Colleen Stevenson
Creative Clusters : Doug Taylor
[HD] The car hybridizing project : Craig Carmichael
[HD] The Pirate Ship of Theseus : Will Whittaker


Do note this schedule will change without notice. It will be changing until the day before the conference, and due to the nature of having 25 talks per day, is likely to change during the day. It is simply to be used as a guideline.

July 10th Description July 11th Description
08:10 Registrations 08:30 Late Registrations
09:00 Conference start – Introductions 09:00 Conference start – Corey Davis, Rachelle Lamb, Kurt Schmidt
09:30 Guy Dauncey, Melissa Pelto, Sasan Aghdasi 09:40 break
10:10 break 09:55 Brian White, Sue Daniels-Ferrie, Marilynne Miles Gray
10:25 Stephen Whipp, Kenji James Fuse, Marg Pulton 10:35 break
11:05 break 10:50 Sarah Novotny, David Wetherow, Frank Heidt
10:50 Graeme Bethell, Janice Mansfield, Blaine Juchau 11:30 break
11:20 break 11:45 Saul Arbess, David and Colleen Stevenson, David Bratzer
11:35 Garry Brooks, Dorian Taylor, Mike Vardy, Robert Prinz 12:25 lunch
12:20 lunch 13:25 Eric Partridge, Janis Lacouvee, Matthew A. Barker
13:20 Kylie Sandham, Desmond Lindo, Dan Bonab 14:05 break
14:00 break 14:20 William Gray, Herb Lainchbury, Karen Hurley
14:15 Dvora Levin, Les Atchison,Christopher Bowers 15:00 break
14:55 break 15:30 Clem Persaud, Cheryl Upright, Liam McLachlan
15:10 Galen Bullard, Helen Cook, Robyn Quinn 16:10 break
15:50 break 16:25 Christine Yole, Craig Carmichael, Doug Taylor
16:05 , Patrick Hayes, Ian Soutar 17:05 Wrap up
16:35 Day 1 ends 17:20 Day 2 ends

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