Set Theory and Human Relationships, the Importance of One

When her beloved husband, Yves Loran, died in 2001, Janis La Couvée and her sons were puzzled by the enormous sense of loss in their family relationships. How could losing just one family member in a group of four explain it? Why did they feel like they were missing more than ¼ of their family? Somehow, there needed to be a logical answer. Then, one day – it came to her! Set theory. Join Janis as she explores the dynamic of one and its importance in our human and community relationships and networks. If you’ve ever wondered why one guest can bring a party to life – this talk is for you.

Janis La Couvée is a community builder, passionate about bridging online and offline communities to effect positive social change. She is a member of the Social Media Club Victoria leadership team and the lead organizer of Twestival Victoria. Her other community involvements include Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre and the Quadra Village Day planning committee.

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