The last trip, preparing for your death

here comes a point in your life when it is over. Death has taken your final breath and you are gone. What happens next? Can you help your family without being there? How do you make it easier for them at this difficult time? Sue Daniels-Ferrie speaks from personal experience, offering suggestions, advice and a step by step directional guide, to take you and your family through unfamiliar territory. A tour guide for a journey, through a place, many don’t want to talk about. Death…your death. You can’t avoid it yet you can make it easier on those left behind. Moving, funny, informative and down to earth. A talk you won’t want to miss!

Sue Daniels-Ferrie, although not having died yet hersself, has been present for the passing of many friends, colleagues and family members. She has been responsible for ensuring the last wishes of the deceased were carried out, as well as conducting funeral services and eulogies for over 20 years. Sue is a certified funeral celebrant, a 5th generation native Victorian, born and raised here, wife, mother of 4, nana to 6, and animal lover. Sue knows that death is inevitable and plans on making it easy as possible for those who will be left behind, when someone we love dies.

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