The Suck That Is Productivity

There’s no question that as the web emerged so did the genre sites for productivity systems. From David Allen to Stephen Covey to Tony Robbins, there are countless systems one can adopt. That said, very few people stick with one; the human nature of the “achiever” instills an innate need to learn and discover the latest new thing to learn and master. But the latest isn’t always the greatest, especially when it comes to being productive. In fact, it usually results in plain old lateness.

The focus on productivity has become a suck unto itself; everyone trying to get better and being more productive fall into two categories those doing and those trying to do. Through the use of imagery, satire and pointing to specific examples via my own “faux methodology” known as Eventualism, I’ll show everyone why productivity, in fact, is a suck.

Mike Vardy is a writer/comedian who is the creator of the satirical productivity blog Eventualism (started in February 2008). The site demonstrates a Stephen Colbert-esque take on the world of productivity and lifehacking, and I have interviewed many experts (David Allen, Seth Godin, Scott Belsky, among others) as I attempt to preach the ideology of eventual productivity to the world. This has led me to become a contributor for actual productivity sites such as WorkAwesome and the signature blog for the founder of Getting Things Done, David Allen’s GTD Times. You can also regularly find his humourous take on the world of productivity in the online/print publication Productive! Magazine.

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