Vancouver Seminary

c.1440, "plot where plants are raised from seeds,"

This is the planning page for the first ever IdeaWave Seminary series. It will consist of 20 practical classes, 10 minutes each, during a single Sunday. If I get enough interest, I will run it on a Sunday in March in Vancouver, BC.

The goal is after every 10 minute talk, you will have a basic understanding of the topic, and something practical as a takeaway. (i.e. be able to explain binary to someone else, ability to now trade bitcoins with others, or to perform a magic trick)

Cost: The planned cost will be $50 for the day.

If you plan on attending, please choose your preferred Sunday and then vote for your top 20 topics of interest (or add your own!):

Bookmark this URL, as once the poll closes on February 5th, if there were over 100 unique voters, I’ll announced the top 20 classes, and do a call for teachers.

If you have any feedback on how to make this event more awesome, or you’d like to volunteer, email kris at ideawave .ca or add your comment below:

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