We’re half way there, and still looking for great ideas!

Today we announced our 25th talk. Take a look at the speakers list so far. It’s hard to believe that amounts to just one of the two days of our conference.

With just over 2 weeks left until the conference, we still have to approve and announce 25 more talks. Ideally we’ll get another +100 submissions between now and then. Why not take the time right now to write down the best idea you’ve ever had and submit it in a 10 minute talk abstract? If your talk is accepted, you will receive a complementary pass to the entire conference. Check out our call for ideas submission page .

If you’re not interested in speaking, register now for our inaugural conference before the ticket prices go up. It is sure to be the talk of the town for the foreseeable future. We don’t want any critical thinkers to miss out on this one!

Thanks for all your support, see you in 16 days!

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